CEO & Co-Founder

Steve Kaukinen, MBA, FCIP, RPLU
CEO & Co-Founder

A P&C insurance innovator and executive with over 30 years of insurance and technology experience. From his invention of RapidQuote in the 90’s to current day, Steve has been building insurance product rating tools with the goal of fully automating the full policy life cycle.

In addition to holding an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, he is a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada. He also is a Registered Professional Liability Underwriter, has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Canadian Risk Management Diploma.

Steve has worked in P&C in the US and Canada, owned his own brokerage as well as having been an insurer executive.

Dominik Kaukinen, B.Eng.
CIO & Co-Founder

His focus is building data collection and analysis systems at scale, specializing in web and mobile application development.

He has built specific data-first applications for financial market analysis, distributed real-time web scraping, textual analysis and low-latency speech recognition. He actively contributes to the open source deep learning software community. His open source contributions can be found at:

  • Incremental character level speech recognizer using deep recurrent neural networks with ctc loss
  • Generative chatbot using deep recurrent neural networks
  • Text sentiment analyzer using deep recurrent neural networks
  • Designed and implemented algorithm to cross-compile Simulink to Stateflow (two Matlab visual programming languages)
  • Built classifier to determine whether to automatically refactor Simulink to Stateflow