Payment Agreement


Your consent to the terms of this Agreement confirms the following:

If your payment method is credit card:

  • You authorize Awywi Insurance Services Ltd. (“Awywi”), to store the credit card identified with your purchase or payment information, as such credit card may be updated from time to time (the “Stored Credential”).
  • You give permission to the noted financial institution (or any substitute thereto which you identify) to charge the Stored Credential for withdrawals made by Awywi.
  • You understand the terms and conditions of your scheduled payment plan with Awywi and you authorize Awywi to make recurring charges to the Stored Credential for payment amounts you authorized or authorize from time-to-time and, if necessary, initiate adjustments for any transactions.
  • Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you authorize Awywi to charge the Stored Credential in the amount of your total term premium, plus taxes if applicable, according to the payment frequency you select or selected. The current amount of your total term premium, plus taxes if applicable, will be shown on your account statement.
  • You understand the amounts charged to the Stored Credential may vary if changes occur to your policy premium.

Terms applicable to all payment methods:

  • You understand this authorization is continuous and will automatically apply to the renewal terms of your policy, unless Awywi is instructed differently.
  • If a credit is owed to your account with Awywi, Awywi will provide you with notice and will refund the applicable amount.
  • This Agreement will expire when both: (i) you no longer have a policy with Awywi and (ii) full payment of your balance has been received by Awywi. For clarity, if you have an outstanding balance with Awywi, this Agreement will remain in effect whether or not you have a policy with Awywi. However, if your policy expires or is cancelled and is subsequently reinstated for any reason, this Agreement will be deemed not to have expired and to have remained in full force and effect as though you continuously had a policy with Awywi.
  • You pledge to have the necessary funds available to cover the amount of the payments due to Awywi.
  • You may dispute any account discrepancies by providing a signed declaration to your financial institution within 90 days of the withdrawal date.
  • You understand Awywi cannot be held liable for the service charges levied by your financial institution.
  • You certify all payment information provided is accurate and agree to inform Awywi of any changes to this information at least 21 days prior to the next payment due date, and that, unless otherwise agreed with Awywi, this Agreement continues in respect of any new credit card or bank account to be used for payment.
  • You agree to the disclosure of any personal information, which may be contained in this Agreement, to your financial institution.
  • For the purposes of this Agreement, all amounts are in Canadian dollars.
  • Awywi may make changes to this Agreement by providing you with 30 days prior written notice.
  • If you make changes to, or are asked to update, your payment method or information, you may be required to consent to a revised or updated Recurring Payment Agreement or similar agreement with Awywi at that time. In those circumstances the revised or updated Recurring Payment Agreement, or similar agreement, that you consent to will replace this Agreement.

Location of Awywi

Awywi’s head office is located at 410-15555 16 Ave, Surrey, BC V4A 1R7.

January 1, 2020