Putting Customers in Control

The founding principle of Awywi is that insurance customers want insurance any way you want it. We see an increasingly larger number are seeking on-line options that offer convenience that doesn’t come from interacting with insurance agents or brokers.

Yet, insurance is a complex and intangible product (you can’t see it, taste it or enjoy it out of the box). Despite the growing numbers that like the convenience of on-line many still and may always rely on advisers, usually in the form of insurance agents or brokers for advice on insurance purchase options.

We want our customers to experience insurance how they want it. Have service your way. If direct contact with a knowledgeable adviser is desired, we are there for you. If self-service is chosen, we’ll make sure that our customers still have coverage advice and information at their fingertips. In every situation, we commit to:

  1. Lowest prices – always! Our technology gives our select insurers substantial savings that we pass on to our customers through reduced and, in many cases, NO COMMISSION.
  2. Choice – we offer products from the best insurers only. You will be able to purchase instantly from quality insurers that share our customer first philosophy.
  3. Instant means INSTANT! We cut the BS, if you have ever shopped for insurance on-line with the promise of buying instantly, then you have experienced the disappointment of spending tons of time filling out forms only to have the message that an agent will call you within 48 hours! At Awywi, our goal is to let you purchase your insurance instantly. This, in fact, is how we also save you money -removing everything in the process that creates backlogs or additional work.
  4. Renewal Repeat-ability – We ensure that our customers will always get the insurance that is best for them. Our automatic renewal process gives our customers a choice of quality insurers year over year ensuring that they have the absolute best value for their insurance dollar.
  5. Knowledgeable advice and recommendations that suit your particular situation.
  6. One Stop Insurance Shopping – we strive to offer as broad a product base for all of your insurance needs. Even better is that we offer the easiest insurance payment plan with no need to switch payment plans if you switch insurers or have different payment plans between products. All of your insurance quotes and products purchased through Awywi are conveniently and securely held in your policy wallet accessible from any connected device.

By offering our products through licensed independent brokers, you have the additional security of Errors and Omissions insurance and independence for the most important part of insurance – claims. We are your trusted advocate.